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  song list for Wedding Music CD

Wedding Magic
  (click for song list & sample tracks)
Sally knows which wedding and romantic songs are the favorites. Hearing them will make it easier for you to choose the music for your wedding. The beautiful sounds of the harp music will put you in the mood for declaring your love to one another.

song list for Hymns for Healing CD

Hymns for Healing
  (click for song list & samples)
These favorite hymns will lift you up spiritually. The shimmering vibrations of the harp will awaken and nourish your soul.
"David would take his harp and play: 
so Saul was refreshed, and was well." 
I Samuel 16:23 

Serenity from the Harp CD

Serenity from the Harp
  (click for song list & samples)
Sally has created over 60 minutes of peaceful soothing music for massage, meditation, yoga, or general relaxation. Enjoy a tranquil serene atmosphere as your mind and body become one with the healing resonance of the harp.

Classical Favorites from the Harp CD

Classical Favorites from the Harp
  (click for song list & samples)
Science is now proving what we have always intuitively known. The enduring classics we all love and listen to over and over provide countless benefits. They bring peace, joy, harmony, healing and relaxation. You will find several of your favorites in this CD.

song list for Healing from the Harp CD

Healing from the Harp
  (click for song list & samples)
The healing vibrations of this harp music will make you feel like you've had a brain massage. Every piece is carefully selected to awaken positive energy for the listener.

song list for Lullabies CD

Soothing Lullabies from the Harp
  (click for song list & samples)
The 3/4 time of a lullaby mimics the human heart beat and naturally slows down the body's tempo. A musical tempo of 60-80 beats per minute is same as a mother's resting heartbeat - the sound a baby hears while developing in the womb. Music during prenatal and early life helps to make children music sensitive later in life.

song list for Angels Harp Music CD

Angels Awakening
  (click for song list & samples)
This enduring harp music was recorded at Skywalker Ranch, George Lucas' Studio in California. It includes some of the most beloved popular and classical songs ever. You'll find yourself humming along, breathing slower and relaxing.

song list for Christmas Music CD

A Christmas Miracle
  (click for song list & samples)
Set the mood for Christmas with this enchanting collection of favorite Christmas carols and songs. The angelic sounds of the harp strings are perfect for promoting peace, love and good will.

song list for Organ Masterpieces CD - pipe organ

Organ Masterpieces
  (click for song list & samples)
This spine-tingling pipe organ music covers a wonderful range of composers, timbres and emotions. Buxtehude captures the grand magnificence of the pipe organ, then Bach's 'Wake, Wake for Night is Flying' immediately brings you back to a gentle state. You'll feel the exquitsite intensity of the glorious pipes. These beautifully played selections will inspire and amaze.

song list for Christmas Music CD

Magnificent Organ Solos
  (click for song list & samples)
Listening to this glorious music you will know why the pipe organ is called the "King of Instruments." From Bach's 'Toccata and Fugue in D minor' to the ending piece, 'Offertory upon "O Filii"' by Guilmant, the music will take you on an awesome journey that makes you feel you are in a majestic church or cathedral, in touch with the kind of magnificence that makes our existence seem so precious and small.

All my CDs and books are for sale in my store

The Challenge of Epilepsy
list of chapters

The Challenge of Epilepsy
Complementary and Alternative Solutions
Learn how to control & reduce seizures. Sally's personal story of meeting the challenge of epilepsy, and all the information about helpful solutions she discovered along the way. Third, revised edition.

This book is available both in print and as an e-book, under my book category in Sally's Store

Music Healing and Harmony
list of chapters

Music Healing and Harmony
This book explains how music can aid healing, change your mood, reduce pain, help you sleep, improve your love life, increase your intelligence, help you relax, and lift you up spiritually. You will learn how to choose specific music for a wide variety of conditions and states of mind. The book is filled with research and fascinating stories. It is an excellent resource for learning about music therapy.

This book is available both in print and as an e-book, under my book category in Sally's Store

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I visited your website and fell in love with your music. I have never been much of a fan of that kind of music, but now I really got hooked... Refreshing music for a girl like me, usually listening to pure pop.

Hanna Kähkönen
21 years old media student
Oulu, Finland

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