Live Music for Weddings, Parties, Corporate Events, Memorials, Funerals, Life Celebrations, or any Event you may plan. Sally is also happy to play her harp for facilities such as nurseries, hospitals, care homes, and hospice  — Sally Fletcher: professional harpist, pianist, organist.

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— to inquire or for bookings, call 415.609.8034, or send an e-mail to

guests will love Sally's music and her lovely gold harp.

Every event is enhanced by the lovely elegance of live music. Whether it's a joyous occasion or a time for reflection, guests appreciate the uplifting presence of Sally's beautiful music, at once relaxing and inspiring. You will love the finishing touch Sally brings to your event with her dazzling antique gold harp and a repertoire chosen to match the desired ambience of your gathering.

Sally is proficient on the piano and the organ, as well. If one of those instruments is most appropriate for the event you plan, her music will provide just the right addition to any occasion.

Whether you have a list of music you'd like to include or haven't a clue how to proceed, Sally will help you plan selections for your ceremony, party, or other special event that are certain to please.

Her repertoire includes a very wide variety and she has a wonderful knack for selecting just the right music to suit the moment. Prior requests are fine, too—If your list includes a tune she doesn't already know, Sally will be glad to learn it for you if it is playable on the harp. (If you have engaged Sally to play piano or organ instead, the same will apply in regard to that instrument.)

Sally Fletcher, harpist, pianist, organist from Marin County. Weddings, Memorials, Funersls, Parties, Corporate Events in Santa Rosa, Geyserville, Sonoma, and other communities in the North Bay Area - Marin County and Sonoma County,  California.Brides and Grooms! Sally has helped thousands of couples select just the right music for their special day. If you are feeling lost in the details, take heart! She will be delighted to help you plan your wedding music, too. Sally has created a Wedding music page containing helpful information here on the site, as well as a Wedding Music Guide you can purchase and download. She has recorded a special CD called Wedding Magic, as well, and you can listen to samples of all the music on it to help you get clear about what you like. Or, simply contact Sally right now and let her begin helping you create the perfect musical program for your wedding ceremony.

Have a look through Sally's song list for ideas on tunes, and you can also hear samples of every track on Sally's many CDs. Go to the Harp & Organ CD page, where you will find links. Visit any CD page that interests you and click the notes by the titles to listen.Sally plays for baby Nicole

Sally is an experienced professional, so you can count on her to show up on time, dress appropriately, and make sure your wedding, party or other event goes smoothly. She will make sure the music for your event is superb. Occasionally, harp music can be hard to hear and she will solve that problem with a small, discreet amp that runs on batteries, as needed.

The music of the harp relaxes the mind and body, which aids medical treatment and enhances self-healing. Sally often plays either her large concert harp or a small harp in nurseries, retirement- and assisted-living homes, rehabilitation facilities, and hospice. To inquire about this service, please call Sally at
707 981-1550, or send an e-mail to

Some places Sally has performed: Ritz Carlton, Embassy Suites, many wineries in Napa Valley/Sonoma Valley, UCSF Hospital, Aegis Retirement Home, Smith Ranch Convalescent Home, Monte's Chapel of the Hill Funeral Home, and thousands of parties, weddings, and other gatherings.

Sally Fletcher is available to play in and around Santa Rosa in the heart of the North Bay county of Sonoma; she is also willing to travel to Geyserville, Sonoma, and other communities all aroundSonoma County and theNorth Bay Area.


"Sally's harp performance was
simultaneously soothing
and uplifting.
Encore, please, Sally!
"Sally is a beautiful harpist! Her performance added a very special touch to my wedding!
! could not have been happier"
"Sally was on time and perfomed senstively
(as the occassion was a celebration of life).
I would not hesitate to recommend Sally (100%) for any need"
"Our annual Craft Faire is a fundraiser for local charities as well as a celebration of local artistic talent. It is held in a neighborhood shopping center, which is not the greatest venue for a harpist. But Sally arrived on time, was very accomodating, was professional, very sweet, and hugely talented. She played wonderfully and everyone raved about how fabulous it was that she was able to come. Thank you!"
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Learn to play the harp or piano! If you or your child would love to take lessons and live in or near Santa Rosa, in Sonoma County, California, Sally is an excellent teacher. Click this link for details

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