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Sally Fletcher, harpist for weddings  in San Rafael, Santa Rosa, Geyserville, Napa, and other communities in the North Bay Area - Marin, Sonoma, and Napa counties, California
Photo by Tony Mac

"Your selections were perfect, and our caterer from France paid us a compliment on your French."
   — Marvell Hamm

"You were so accommodating to our requests. Thanks for sharing your musical magic with us."
   — Tara and Cleave

"Sally's harp playing was such a special touch at my wedding. It was an unexpected element that my guests are still talking about."
   — Angie Ames

A professional musician should be able to help you in planning your wedding ceremony and selecting appropriate music. When you hire a professional musician you can be assured they will show up on time, dress properly and make a strong contribution to having your wedding ceremony flow smoothly. A small, discreet amp can be provided to make sure the music is heard.

In planning your wedding there are four important musical choices:

  1. Processional for the Bridal Party
  2. Processional for the Bride
  3. Recessional
  4. Pre-ceremony and solo music (if any solo music)

Pre-ceremony and Prelude Music
This sets the mood, which is usually quiet and magical, preparing everyone for the beautiful vows. The music can be classical, romantic, love songs, religious, folk, celtic or any combination. Tell the musician if you have any favorites. Then the musician(s) will select other appropriate music.

Processional Music
The Processional begins when the groom and the officiant come to the altar. They may enter to the same music as the parents, or with silence. The groomsmen may come in at this time, or with the bridesmaids. The processional music is traditionally majestic, grand and stately. The bride's entrance is announced by a fanfare and everyone standing. The bride often enters to the Bridal Chorus (Here comes the Bride) hoewever she may may enter to other music. A professional can help guide her in this choice.

Solos (vocal or instrumental)
Solos usually occur just before the processional or perhaps during the ceremony. Many short ceremonies do not require any solo music.

Recessional Music
The Recessional happens at the end of the wedding ceremony, usually after the kiss or after the officiant introduces the couple.

Wedding Magic CD
Wedding Magic - songs on the harp - Marin harpist, Sally Fletcher
Sally knows which wedding and romantic songs are the favorites. Hearing them will make it easier for you to choose the music for your wedding.

The beautiful sounds of the harp music will put you in the mood for declaring your love to one another.

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